Car Insurance

How can I get cheap car insurance?

With the average comprehensive policy now costing £838 a year**, it’s more important than ever to shop around and compare prices.

Even while you compare, there are things you can change that may help you get cheaper car insurance:

  • Consider the car you drive: More powerful cars tend to have more expensive accidents, can be pricier to repair and fall into higher insurance groups. Older cars with more miles on the clock, smaller engines and lower price tags usually fall into lower insurance groups.
  • Increase your voluntary excess: Prices may change if you’re willing to a pay a little more towards any claims. Make sure to also consider any compulsory excess listed on a policy, as you’ll need to have funds available to cover the total policy excess.
  • Add a named driver: Adding an experienced driver to your policy can lower prices. You should always list the person who drives the car most often as the main driver, and any occasional drivers as additional.
  • Extra security: Increasing the security of your car above the standard manufacturer level can help, but even basics like parking off-road can affect prices.
  • No-claims bonus: Building up a no-claims bonus can help shave pounds off your premium.
    Telematics: If you’re a young or inexperienced driver, black box policies can make insurance more affordable.